The Power of Positive Thinking As It Applies To Marriage

In order to establish and maintain a healthy marriage, a couple must have a high degree of positive thinking that they apply to their everyday life. There are certain attitudes and mind-sets that have to be avoided at all costs. The following needs to be avoided no matter what:

    Thinking along the lines of “war.” This usually revolves around the “get even” or retaliation motive. It is really a childish way of thinking and a mighty tool in the arena of the devil used to destroy marriages.
    Spousal hatred. If you find yourself in the mood of “hating” you are digging your own grave as far as your relationship and your Marriage Each one of you needs to remove all bitterness and petty opinions and come together on every issue that you can.
    Hatred and displeasure of the friends and the company of your spouse. The main cause of this, is really a basic lack of acceptance of your spouse. Over a short period of time it will rot away a relationship as well as destroying any intimacy you have with each other.

Displeasure of sex with your spouse.

Sex is very important in a marriage, and when one partner deprives the other of this pleasurable act, a separation and a gulf is created that is very difficult to repair. You both should be very comfortable with each other being naked, and you should not be afraid to touch one another.

Thinking that you are “Miss-Married.”

Some people get to thinking that they have chosen the wrong partner after the wedding is over. The bliss has faded away into “real life” with its problems and difficulties. The problem stems more from bad attitudes and habits, and you will both have to work on this together.

Understanding Positive Thinking

Let us Observe Some Positive Thoughts in Regards to Having a Good Marriage

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You should each bolster each other in all things, and never allow any offenses build up in your hearts towards one another. For example, if your wife is late coming home from work, you can reason that the cause must have been extra heavy traffic. Actually the same thing could have happened to you as well, so take it with a grain of salt. When structuring your thinking in this way, your thought patterns take on a positive tone, and there is not any grounds for negative thinking to enter into the picture. The more positively we think, the less room there is for negative thinking.

Be a Booster of Good Deeds

Observe all of the good deeds that your spouse does for you, and don’t take them for granted, but complement you spouse on those acts of kindness. Soon each of you will be remembering each others kind acts, and it is difficult to get mad at someone to is helping you and continually being kind to you.

Be a Quality Booster

Be sure and talk up the positive qualities of your spouse, and as you talk about them in a meaningful way, it will boost your relationship a hundred fold, you will be reciprocated by you spouse, as that sort of kind and positive compliment is easy and fun to do, and it really boosts a relationship.


Be thoughtful, and have no harsh words towards one another. Just relax and come up with one or two things that will make your spouse extremely happy. Take pleasure out of giving your spouse pleasure, as you will find that is the cement of a good marriage.

You Feelings of Self Worth

Have a good sense of your own self worth, for as you value yourself, will be how you will value others, especially your spouse.

Feelings of Trust and Love

Tell your spouse often how much you trust and love her or him.  Be appreciative of each other and allow your spouse to have an opinion, and tell her of him how you value them.

With these technique’s you will surely start to see your marriage or relationship improving. Even if you think that nothing is wrong. And having a great loving spouse is something that most of us would like, right?

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