Why You Should Grind Your Own Coffee

Make a great cup of coffee yourself

Grinding your own coffee might seem like an unnecessary hassle when you can easily buy pre-ground beans.  However, there are many reasons why you should be grinding your coffee.  Pre-ground coffee is much faster to use, but the taste is not the same which is why coffee-shop coffees are always better than the coffee you make at home.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Pre-Ground Coffee

It might be convenient, but the grinding and packaging process can lose a lot of the beans’ natural flavors.  When beans are ground, the aroma is immediately released and starts to react to the oxygen in the air.  That way, they will lose up to 60% of their aroma, which might not seem like a problem, but could make a lot of difference to your morning coffee experience.

Pre-ground beans may be exposed to moisture before they reach you.  The coffee oils released by the beans are water soluble and could start to dilute when they are in contact with any moisture.  The dilution of the oils will create a coffee that is not as strong as it should be.

beans retain their flavour best when they are not groundAll About The Taste

The primary reason why you should be grinding your own beans is the taste.  When you buy pre-ground beans, you will have cup after cup of similar strength coffee.  While this may seem like a good solution, there are days when you will want coffee that is stronger.  When you grind your beans, you can determine how fine the grind is and how strong the flavor will be.

Of course, when you look at the different grind types you will also have to consider the type of brewing system you have.  Some brewing systems work best with particular grind types while others will need to have a specific grind type.  Most coffee makers and percolators will use coarse to medium-fine grinds to create the best coffee.

Making Grinding Easier

One of the reasons why many people do not grind their coffee is the time needed to complete this.  Pre-ground coffee is faster to use as you simply add it to the coffee machine and leave it to run.  However, it is possible to purchase coffee machines that have grinders attached to them.  These machines will grind the beans for your and then use the freshly ground beans for coffee.  These machines often come with timers so you can set the machine to grind and brew your coffee before you get up.

You don’t want to buy the just the cheapest grinder you can find because that might even be worse than buying good pre-ground coffee. It’s better to read a website about the best coffee bean grinders and choose a model that’s appropriate for you.

It is also possible to grind beans a few days in advance.  Of course, if you are going to do this you will need to store them correctly.  The ground beans will need to be stored in a sealed air-tight container to stop oxidation and moisture from affecting the grounds.

There are many reasons why you should take the time to grind your coffee beans.  However, the primary one is that freshly ground beans offer a superior taste and this is why most coffee shops grind beans when you order.

Happy New Year

happy new year from marian-devotions.com

Let’s start off by wishing you a very happy new year. I hope you had a blessed Christmas with lots of celebrations and good times. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work. And not just work on making money, but also on improving our understanding of life and the world.

A phrase you often hear is: nowadays people are distant and cold, and are just after their financial gain. Our vanity is glaringly obvious in the way we relate to our clothes. See our post on Are our pants, shirts and jackets just vanity at best.

If we continue to focus all our resources on the way we look, we are going to end up with a terrible society. Where we look great, have all the right stuff, yet constantly hurt each other and feel threatened by everybody.

And the fact that this is how things currently are means that, historically, this is what we have been doing. The kids of today are a product of the parents of yesterday. So trying to go back to the way things were, because you don’t like where they lead, is a very strange thing to do. In fact, it doesn’t make sense at all.

Have a nice 2017

Healthy Weight Reduction Strategies That Work

Diminishing fat for health reviewed

With many fad diet programs and ‘fast’ weight loss remedies out there, finding a healthy and effective way to lose weight can be a little intimidating. You however do not have to depend on someone’s creation to lose weight. All that you need is an active mind, determination, and proper understanding of weight loss strategies that work. The first step to losing weight uniformly is by watching over the foods you eat, and the kind of lifestyle you lead.  Outlined below are a few tips and strategies that can help you lose the extra pounds fast and easy.

I was SICK & TIRED of being SICK & TIRED ya'll. I grew up in the country on home made biscuits gravy and all the good southern cooking but when I grew up and became a Military Wife of three the ways I had always eaten were the ways I was cooking and as much as I love my Southern good cooking I had to make a change for my body, my mind, and my babies. I decided to start and never looked back working out at home day in and day out and learning how to eat clean! 120 lbs didn't come on in a day and it sure didn't come off in a day but I had fun along the way and took it one day, one meal, one snack, one drink at a time for a lifestyle change and lost 120 pounds in two years and I have kept it off for almost 2 years today!💕 @sarah_beasley_fitness @sarah_beasley_fitness . Follow @great_weightloss_inspirations for inspiring stories, tips, humor and a possible feature💞 . . Tag someone, share and motivate!

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1.    Ditch processed and fast foods:

Many people have fast and processed foods to blame for their excessive weight. Although these foods may be mouth-watering and yummy, it is time you realized what they do to your body. These foods are high calories, carbohydrates, additives, and fatty acids that often lead to obesity. Ditching these foods for whole and organic foods can, therefore, help cut down on calories, which promotes weight loss. Substituting your favorite burger or hotdog with a fresh vegetable salad always does the trick. Check out this review of fat diminisher  for the latest discoveries on foods that keep you from losing weight.

2.    Hit the pool:

While cutting down on calories and carbs may help you lose some weight, you should take on regular body exercise to help burn fats stored in adipose tissues and around body organs. Swimming is considerably the best form of exercise that engages virtually or body muscles, hence making it easier to lose body fat fast. Swimming for at least 30 minutes every day can help you burn more calories than any other form of exercise. If you however aren’t comfortable in swimming pools, you can always jog, run, ride a bike, or even sign up for the gym.  The idea is to promote increased respiration of fats to induce weight loss.

3.    Focus on fiber-rich foods:

Dietary fiber plays a critical role in controlling the amounts of food you have in a sitting, as well as how much glucose is absorbed into the blood stream. While fiber-rich foods are recommended for your body’s well-being, many of the processed foods and fast foods have very little fiber on them.  You can however supplement your dietary fiber intake by increasing your intake on fresh fruits, vegetables, whole foods, and preparing your own meals. Dietary fiber also helps promote a full feeling, meaning you get to eat less food per sitting.

Although proper nutrition and body exercise does promote weight loss, you need to have a clear mind to help expedite the process. Factors such as depression and stress should be weeded out to enable this. Learning how to manage stress, and reducing alcohol intake can help induce weight loss as well.

Dating After Divorce: Tips To Help You Find A Godly Mate

Psalm 37:4 says “delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” These words have deep meaning and can apply to Christians seeking comfort, companionship, and earthly love. Seeking a partner who is also a servant of Christ can seem impossible. This can be especially true after going through a divorce, as you might feel hopeless and discouraged. The following are a few tips that may help you find the right person. This should help with Christian dating after divorce.

Live for God, First

There is definitely a change in society as more men and women are interested in living without commitment. So the fear of not finding a spouse is a real one. But this is something a Christian should not be worried about. God is in control; Seeking God’s direction and making sure you live a Godly life is the most important thing during this fragile time in your life. Remember that God already knows who your future mate is. So continue to focus on growing in Christ with daily prayer, praise, and Bible studies.

You should also make sure that you do not rush into a relationship. Be sure that you allow God to heal your broken heart and prepare you for your next spouse (if that is his plan for you).

Get Out There, and Make Yourself Known

Being a beacon of light in a world of darkness should attract a Christian mate. One way to show your passion for God is how active you are in your local church. Joining the choir or participating in other activities is a great way to go. But how many men or women are at your church? Depending on the size of your church, you may not have many choices. This is why you should also try to do some outreach work with other churches and ministries. Try to go to more Christian concerts conferences, and events, too.

Another thing you can do is join a Christian dating site. Joining a good dating site will allow you to connect with like-minded individuals. It is also a place where you can share your interests and what ministries you are currently participating in. You might even find other divorcees who can relate to what you are going through.

You should keep in mind that mature Christian women or men who are looking for a spouse will be searching for someone who is lost in God. So your commitment to Christ will be very attractive to a potential mate.

Make Your Intentions Known to God

Another simple thing to consider is if you have let God know about your desire for a mate. Of course God already knows that you are looking for a mate, but God also likes his people to communicate with him and make their requests known.

So actively pray to God about your desire to have a spouse. If the desire is a Godly one, he will lead you to your spouse one way or another. Have a true and honest conversation because–after all–Christ is your best friend. Hold nothing bacchristian dating after divorcek, and he will answer your prayers. Be patient because God’s timing is never wrong. If he seems slow, keep the faith and don’t despair.

Christian dating after divorce can be hard, but hopefully these tips help you find the right mate. When you do find someone, remember that the courting stage is important; so do not take this stage for granted or rush to a decision before making sure that God has confirmed that this man or woman is the one he chose for you.

The Power of Positive Thinking As It Applies To Marriage

In order to establish and maintain a healthy marriage, a couple must have a high degree of positive thinking that they apply to their everyday life. There are certain attitudes and mind-sets that have to be avoided at all costs. The following needs to be avoided no matter what:

    Thinking along the lines of “war.” This usually revolves around the “get even” or retaliation motive. It is really a childish way of thinking and a mighty tool in the arena of the devil used to destroy marriages.
    Spousal hatred. If you find yourself in the mood of “hating” you are digging your own grave as far as your relationship and your Marriage Each one of you needs to remove all bitterness and petty opinions and come together on every issue that you can.
    Hatred and displeasure of the friends and the company of your spouse. The main cause of this, is really a basic lack of acceptance of your spouse. Over a short period of time it will rot away a relationship as well as destroying any intimacy you have with each other.

Displeasure of sex with your spouse.

Sex is very important in a marriage, and when one partner deprives the other of this pleasurable act, a separation and a gulf is created that is very difficult to repair. You both should be very comfortable with each other being naked, and you should not be afraid to touch one another.

Thinking that you are “Miss-Married.”

Some people get to thinking that they have chosen the wrong partner after the wedding is over. The bliss has faded away into “real life” with its problems and difficulties. The problem stems more from bad attitudes and habits, and you will both have to work on this together.

Understanding Positive Thinking

Let us Observe Some Positive Thoughts in Regards to Having a Good Marriage

Auto Suggestion

You should each bolster each other in all things, and never allow any offenses build up in your hearts towards one another. For example, if your wife is late coming home from work, you can reason that the cause must have been extra heavy traffic. Actually the same thing could have happened to you as well, so take it with a grain of salt. When structuring your thinking in this way, your thought patterns take on a positive tone, and there is not any grounds for negative thinking to enter into the picture. The more positively we think, the less room there is for negative thinking.

Be a Booster of Good Deeds

Observe all of the good deeds that your spouse does for you, and don’t take them for granted, but complement you spouse on those acts of kindness. Soon each of you will be remembering each others kind acts, and it is difficult to get mad at someone to is helping you and continually being kind to you.

Be a Quality Booster

Be sure and talk up the positive qualities of your spouse, and as you talk about them in a meaningful way, it will boost your relationship a hundred fold, you will be reciprocated by you spouse, as that sort of kind and positive compliment is easy and fun to do, and it really boosts a relationship.


Be thoughtful, and have no harsh words towards one another. Just relax and come up with one or two things that will make your spouse extremely happy. Take pleasure out of giving your spouse pleasure, as you will find that is the cement of a good marriage.

You Feelings of Self Worth

Have a good sense of your own self worth, for as you value yourself, will be how you will value others, especially your spouse.

Feelings of Trust and Love

Tell your spouse often how much you trust and love her or him.  Be appreciative of each other and allow your spouse to have an opinion, and tell her of him how you value them.

With these technique’s you will surely start to see your marriage or relationship improving. Even if you think that nothing is wrong. And having a great loving spouse is something that most of us would like, right?